The Polished Academy has developed a great relationship with High Schools across Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle, providing informative and interesting programs for children and teens of all ages. From grooming and deportment, to job interviewing, to personal presentation, each unique program focuses on improving the confidence and skills of high school students.

Working closely with principals and career advisors, the team put together tailored packages, to suit the needs of each school. Whether it's a one day program for a small group or a full week across a number of year groups, Polished Academy can put something creative, informative and effective together to greatly benefit each and every student.

We cover a range of topics through our programs including:


  • Self-motivation and Goal Setting

  • Making a First Impression

  • Grooming, Manners & Presentation

  • Deportment

  • Job Interviewing Techniques

  • Etiquette in the 'Modern World'

  • Netiquette

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Bullying & Relationships

  • Self-Confidence

  • Fashion & Wardrobe Co-ordination

  • Posture Analysis & Walking

  • Health, Diet, Fitness

  • Nutrition

  • Makeup

  • Manicures

  • Skin Care

  • Hair Care

  • TV Presenting & Camera Work

  • Speech & Drama

  • Basic Catwalk & Routines


Not only are the programs fun and engaging, they provide students with imperative life skills to prep them for the next stage in their lives. Every student walks away feeling better about themselves, armed with a new level of confidence.

The courses are excellent value, and with larger groups we are able to offer a substantial discount.

For more information, please call 02 4304 5735 or alternatively, email us directly here for an obligation-free quote.


Lake Munmorah High School

“We have had nothing but POSITIVE feedback from all our girls about the last 2 days. Yourself, Leena and Martina were amazing! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” - Natalie, Careers Advisor.

Ambarvale School
“The course was fantastic. Speakers were all great and related well to the students. Topics that the students favoured were definitely the hair and makeup courses. The speakers were fantastic with the students also.  I look forward to running this event with you gain next year.” - Jennifer, Careers Advisor.

Morrisset High School
"Great work to you all, our students did benefit from your expertise and skills. Thankyou!" - Careers Advisor.

Berkley Vale High School
“The Polished Academy program has provided the girls of Berkeley Vale Campus with the confidence and knowledge to be positive role models within the school.  The program has taught them to be proud of who they are, beauty skills and how to behave in various situations. The girls of Berkeley Vale Campus have enjoyed the experience and look forward to completing a new topic next year.”
- Amanda, Acting Head Teacher of PDHPE.

Wyong High School
“All students I have spoken to said how much they enjoyed the program. They even came and found me to tell me how good it was. Several students have indicated that they wish to continue with the program during the holidays. This is an excellent way to promote self esteem in 14 and 15 year olds.” - Gaye, Careers Advisor.

Toukley Junior Guides
“From learning how to sit properly to setting the table for our next dinner party, Toukley Junior Guides enjoyed every moment of our etiquette workshop. There were giggles as we introduced ourselves to our facilitator and answered imaginary phone calls but because it was a fun evening, we remember what we were taught and have become 'little ladies'..” - Erica.

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